Team ArcStar



◆ Game Feature ◆▣ Dynamic playstyle with 4 lanes and 2 scratch lanes fot added DJ action▣ V-Shaped lane designed for ease of use and comfort for the user▣ Random, Mirror and Hard mode support▣ BGE and BGA feature to captivate you▣ Step by step play with song unlock system▣ Play against your best record with BEST mode in the settings▣ Cheap prices of addon music packs▣ Features such as Clap and Auto Play to enhance your playIf want to report any bugs or feedback, please send an e-mail to the address below.Developers e-mail : kck4156@gmail.com====※This game essentially needs permissions to write data from storage for create or modify game data.※This game essentially needs permissions to read data from storage for read game data.